22 08, 2017

Wrought iron gates – a good choice

22/08/2017|Forged iron|

Gates mark the entrance to your home. They should be beautiful, functional and stylish. Forged iron is known for its beauty and lastingness. Unlike wood, it will not rot, get damaged or dry. Reasons why wrought iron gates are an excellent choice: Higher rust resistance Forged iron is more resistant [...]

13 07, 2017

Advantages of wrought iron fences

13/07/2017|Forged iron|

When choosing the material for their surrounding fence, many people choose forged iron. This way the house will look different and will be easily remarked. If located around courtyards or gardens with multi-coloured flowers, the forged iron fences provide an emphasis that enhances the aspect of the surrounding space and [...]

12 07, 2017

Manufacturing metal gates

12/07/2017|Forged iron|

Metal is one of the most durable materials. Metalworking is the process of processing alloys to produce various individual pieces, assemblies or structures on a large scale. Modern metalwork processes, although diverse and specialized, can be roughly classified as cutting processes or jointing processes. Metal processing involves operations such as [...]

06 07, 2017

How to keep wrought iron

06/07/2017|Forged iron|

The beauty and strength of the forged iron make it the best choice against any other building materials for gates and fences. Wrought iron can be easily processed into various interesting shapes and patterns as it is malleable, offering both gates and fences a really unique aspect. Forged iron can [...]

02 07, 2017

PROF-CON is a trusted partner


We are your reliable partner in the field of gates and fences. All products are manufactured using modern technology. We respect the deadlines and we finish successfully all the projects. Our company has qualified staff. We provide quality and warranty for any work.. Quality and seriousness are key elements for [...]