Metal is one of the most durable materials.

Metalworking is the process of processing alloys to produce various individual pieces, assemblies or structures on a large scale. Modern metalwork processes, although diverse and specialized, can be roughly classified as cutting processes or jointing processes. Metal processing involves operations such as cutting, bending, welding.

The metal can be moulded in various shapes depending on the preferences, after which it can be treated and painted in a wide range of colours.

If they are intended to surround a property, gates and metal fences are the ideal choice due to their strength. They will embellish the exterior of the house and provide the necessary house/room protection.

Metal gates

The following materials can be used for making metal gates: round pipe, rectangular pipe, flat iron, full iron marked or smooth, wrought iron elements, plain or curved netting, forged tips. There are several types of gates: swing gates, pedestrian gates, sliding gates. Metal gates can be decorated with wrought iron elements or sheet metal panels. As regards the opening, the metal gate can be swinging (classic) or sliding, with the possibility in both cases to automate the opening.

Metal gates can be made in various designs and can be any size the customer desires.