Gates mark the entrance to your home. They should be beautiful, functional and stylish.
Forged iron is known for its beauty and lastingness. Unlike wood, it will not rot, get damaged or dry.

Reasons why wrought iron gates are an excellent choice:

  • Higher rust resistance
  • Forged iron is more resistant to rust than regular iron. Nothing else than rust can affect this type of iron. To remove rust stains on the gate, use a fine wire brush.

  • Extremely durable
  • Wrought iron is a hard material and this makes it more impact-resistant than most other types of materials used to make gates. Wrought iron is so strong and sturdy that it is almost impossible to damage, but it can be affected by environmental factors. The durability of the forged iron makes it resistant to bending, too.

  • They provide home security
  • Being extremely difficult to destroy, the wrought iron gate becomes an excellent security area for those who want a high level of protection.

  • Easy to maintain
  • If the wrought iron gate (or part of it) requires repair, you do not have to spend money to replace the entire gate. Damaged portions of the gate can be easily repaired.

  • The gate can be personalized
  • In order to obtain a unique design for the gate, the forged iron can be processed in various forms. Heating makes the forged iron malleable and it can be machined and moulded in any shape without having its properties lost. From this material you can get any customised design for gates that will make your gate special.

  • Add extra value to the house
  • A wrought iron gate adds a certain charm, beauty and home appeal, which other materials cannot really provide.

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